This isn’t your typical, everyday workplace. We’re a dynamic, online environment focused on business results. We take ownership of what we do. Travelers, gurus and innovators—we’re proud to offer careers with personality. Casual dress, social clubs and open workstations are just part of who we are.

Orbitz Worldwide has revolutionized the travel industry. We represent one of the leading global online travel, adventure and accommodations platforms. Together, we’re inspired by our ability to affect change in the user experience of millions. From user interface to database development, hotel sourcing to customer service, we achieve at the highest level.


Agile Mindset

We’re forward thinking: first to the market and lightning-quick on our feet. Speedy with changes and smart with decisions. We’re constantly identifying customer needs, building solutions, perfecting delivery and moving on to the next challenge.

Passion for Travel

We’re born travelers and adventurers, dreamers of far off places. That means we’re constantly on the move. For us, there’s no greater thrill than the unexplored and undiscovered. It’s how we’re built—curious, adventurous, anxious to see it all.

Social Responsibility

We believe that no challenge is unsolvable and that people working together can find the answer. We’re constantly finding new ways to get involved in our world.

Meet Us

“Where We Come from”

Where We Come From